Seven actionable winter skincare tips !

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Seven actionable winter skincare tips

7 Winter Skincare Tips

While winter has its charm of hot coffees and snowy weather, the damage and dryness it can do to your skin can be highly irritating.

So, as winters approach, one of the biggest concern is skincare (especially for people with sensitive skin).

And let us tell you this - Winter skincare may just turn out to be more difficult and different than skincare in summer.

As every season demands its specific products and treatments, you need to keep your skin moist and fresh.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at seven actionable winter skincare tips!

Always Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing is the key to preventing dry and flaky skin in winters. The human skin usually becomes dry, and due to the lack of proper hydration, it may feel itchy and crack.

As a moisturizer adds an extra layer of hydration to your skin, keeping one in your everyday makeup is necessary.

In fact, it should be the first thing you use during the day.

A good-quality moisturizer will go a long way while offering numerous benefits to your skin. 

The best idea is to use a moisturizer a few minutes after taking a shower when the skin is dry, as it will best prevent dryness.

You can also opt for an emollient, but don’t get confused by thinking that an emollient and a moisturizer are the same thing.

Go For Fractora Laser Treatment

The best thing about Fractora laser treatment is that you can customize the products and laser depth according to your skin type.

As we all have different skin that reacts differently, fractora laser treatments offer several benefits.

The primary process includes creating micro-channels by puncturing the skin to help the serums penetrate the skin surface more precisely.

The recovery time is also much shorter as you’ll resume your routine after about two days.

Apart from reducing dryness in the skin, this treatment also prevents skin aging and hydrates your skin better overall.

Use A Gentle Cleanser


If your skin is already sensitive and dry, using a gentle and fragrance-free cleanser is the best thing you can do.

Opting for ordinary soaps containing several other ingredients and fragrances can provoke itchiness and irritation on the skin, and the condition becomes worse if your skin is dry.

As cleansers are necessary for the skincare routine, you can switch to a gentle one for winters.

Think of skincare products as something you just can’t spare money on - Get quality products!

Use Sunscreen Daily

Bathing in the sun is good in winters, right? Then what’s the point of wearing sunscreen?

Well, the UV rays from the sun may be more harmful to the skin during the winter, and that’s why it’s essential to use sunscreen even when there’s little sunlight during the day.

While the oil production in the skin is already low in winter, the UV rays from the sun can rip off the natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry.

As we don’t face too much sunlight in winter, applying sunscreen with SPF 30 after the moisturizer is a great way to keep your skin healthy.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is thick, which makes it highly effective during the winter. However, as our oil-producing glands aren’t equally distributed in our bodies, we have to take special care of our feet and hands to prevent them from drying and itching.

Heels can even crack due to excessive itching and dryness, and petroleum jelly is the best product you can use to treat it.

As petroleum jelly is sticky, a better idea is to cover your feet with a plastic wrap before going to bed to prevent it from spoiling your blanket and bed sheet.

Consider Getting A Facial Done

While you may want to stay cozy in your blanket and prevent getting out in winters, visiting the salon and getting a facial done can be worth it.

Chocolate facial has gained a lot of popularity these days because it suits almost everyone, and it’s highly beneficial for people who get dry skin during winters.

Depending upon your skin type and the sensitivity to facials, you can also select between other types.

But, we do recommend getting a facial done because winter is always the right time for it.

Use A Good-Quality Exfoliator

Exfoliating the skin during winters might seem a bad idea, but doing it sometimes can prove beneficial for your skin.

As our skin becomes dry, the dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface, thus preventing the moisture from reaching the underneath layers.

In such a case, exfoliation can remove the dead skin cells, but make sure not to be harsh!

When you use exfoliators and scrubs more than required, they’ll make your skin even drier in winters.

Final Words

While the hues of winter have their own charm, your winter skincare routine also becomes tough as skin is most prone to dryness and itching during the winters.

By using the right products and opting for the right treatments, you can take great care of your skin and pass this season with little to no skin issues.

So, make sure you follow our winter care tips and keep your skin healthy and hydrated, regardless of the season!

Stay skin-healthy!

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