13 Skincare Trends in 2022

skincare trends

13 skincare trends in 2022

Verschillende handen met verschillende huidskleur bij elkaar

Every year we see new skincare trends that attract attention. Also this year we predict the skincare trends for 2022. Some trends will probably sound familiar to you, but others you will have to discover.

1. Skin Rewilding

The Skin Rewilding trend started already in 2021. It means protecting your skin's unique microbiome and respecting its natural balance. Ceramides and essential fatty acids will continue to be a go-to recommendation from skin professionals, as will gentler cleansing, next-generation enzymes, which provide gentle yet thorough exfoliation, and collagen-boosting amino acids. What we can expect this year is even more innovation (such as pH balanced formulas, friendly bacteria-stimulating ingredients and products that create their own barrier to rule) as well as new emerging brands.

2. Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are far from a new ingredient when it comes to health and wellness. They have been used for their healing properties in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In addition, they are also powerful antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories when applied in topical formulas, making them a great choice for irritated or inflamed skin.

3. More focus on water

In 2022, we will see more brands turn their attention to water, with bring your own water (BYOW) products such as solid or powdered skincare packaging that dissolves on contact with water and skincare designed to work with cold rather than hot. water for a more environmentally friendly approach.

4. Cryotherapy

More and more skincare lovers are opting for cold jade rollers and Gua Sha tools to shape their face. In addition, it can soothe the skin and regulate blood circulation by constricting blood vessels, which helps calm inflammation and puffiness.

Jade roller

5. Skinimalism

Experts expect that more people will opt for a simple skincare routine and a minimalist approach. Less is more when it comes to skin care and using too many products does not guarantee effective results. On the contrary, it can sometimes even cause the opposite. Moisturizing and protecting your skin can make a big difference. Customers want a concentrated routine, tailored to the consumer, with the best ingredients matched to their specific skin type and concerns.

6. Home treatments

At-home treatments are set to rise in popularity this year as well. People are still looking for face masks, nighttime rejuvenation treatments, moisturizing and chemical-peeling masks. Some people are unhappy with the mild results achieved with many over-the-counter products and want something that makes a bigger difference to their skin.

7. LED Light Masks

In line with these home treatments, we also see that LED light masks are trendy. Serums, creams, and other at-home treatments work best when applied with an LED light mask.

8. Sunscreen

Since we discovered the power of sunscreen, we can't live without it. Doctors, estheticians and beauticians also recognize its importance and it is considered one of the most important requirements for skin care.

9. Overall Skin Image

We are becoming more and more aware of the condition of our skin. People have increasingly come to see that our skin is a barometer of internal health and general well-being - a glowing, clear complexion is a strong indicator that the body is in a healthy state. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, people are taking care of themselves in different ways, with self-care becoming an increasingly important part of our regimes.

Overall healthy Lifestyle

10. Science-Based Skin Care

Not only in 2021, but also this year, consumers will focus on science-driven skin care brands. While "high-tech" skincare may have seemed daunting in the past, customers are now more confident in the results of clinical tests and delving into the science behind ingredients.

11. Sustainability

Consumers will also be looking for environmentally friendly products. They will choose products that are recyclable and/or refillable packaging and ingredients that are ethically produced.

12. Diversity and Inclusion

We see that the beauty industry offers more diversity. Brands are increasingly using marketing that takes into account ethnicity, gender and age and we are seeing more and more gender neutral brands.

13. More attention to the whole body

With so many brands expanding their skincare lines to body care, what we use in and out of the shower is now as ingredient-centric and innovative as our morning skincare routine. Popular ingredients for general skin care include squalane, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and glycerin.

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