Sleep Well Essential oil Blend -
Sleep Well Essential oil Blend -

Sleep Well Essential oil Blend

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  • Stimulates a good sleep
  • Soothing and relaxing
  • A better night's sleep

Sleep Well Mix essential oils

There can be a number of reasons someone could be missing out on  a good night’s rest. It can be a headache, body aches or just too much running through the mind. Either way, aromatherapy can help calm and ease you into a good sleep. Having a good amount of sleep each night is vital to everyone’s overall Health.

Therarom has blended a mix of essential oils selected to promote a good sleep. One of the ingredients is Lavender Oil. Lavender oil is one of the most popular of all the essential oils. The reason for this is because of the relaxation benefits it offers. Lavender is known to produce calmness; tranquility and it is soothing. Lavender smells amazing and its relaxing properties are helpful in getting a good night sleep.

The oil of Roman chamomile is very precious. The reason for this is that very many flowers are needed for a very small amount of essential oil.

Chamomile has been known for its calming and soothing properties for centuries. As a result, chamomile is used in aromatherapy against anxiety, nervousness and overstimulation. This oil is therefore indispensable in a mixture for a good night's sleep and a pleasant, comfortable feeling.

The tangerine gives a widely used essence with a relaxing and calming effect and an always appreciated fragrance that makes it one of the most important aromatic anti-stress products. Ideal to relax if you want to end a busy day.


Bottle 10 ml

Ingredients: Roman Chamomile, Mandarin and Lavender

Latin names: Anthemis nobilis, Citrus reticulatae and Lavandula officinalis 


How to use this blend?

In Aroma Diffuser:

Add 5 drops to a diffuser. Evaporate the scent in the living room, office or bedroom. Please do not leave a candle lit if your goal is to fall asleep.

Can be from 3 months old.


In massage:

Add 6 to 8 drops to a neutral massage oil.

Massage your feet and lower legs. A wonderful aid to fall asleep with.



Strictly avoid its use in children under 3 years of age. (unless supervised via a diffuser)

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances and must be diluted in almost all applications.

Avoid use on sensitive areas (mucous membranes, eyes ...).

How can you improve sleep pattern ?

First don’t watch TV for at least an hour before going to sleep. The fast paced visuals stimulate your mind and you’ll find yourself lying in bed with thoughts racing around your head. Instead quietly listen to music or do some reading. Actually reading is a great way to tire your mind and eyes. Many people find themselves accidentally nodding off to sleep with a book in their hands.

Another thing to try when attempting to fall asleep is progressive relaxation. That means relaxing one muscle at a time. Start from your toes and work your way up. Use deep breathing exercises as you do this and focus on clearing your mind of distracting thoughts.

Eating and drinking habits before sleep

Sugary snacks and processed foods should be avoided as much as possible because they provide a fleeting energy boost that is always followed by sharp dip. This dip can make you feel tired and irritable, which will only add to you stress by draining you of your willpower to tackle your stress. Eating the right food is essential for balancing your body and mind, and therefore putting you in the right frame of mind to deal with your stresses. Try to eat foods that keep your energy levels constant throughout the day such as complex carbohydrates (e.g. brown bread, brown rice and cereal) as well as fruit and vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds.

Caffeine after 5 pm should be avoided as it may prevent you from falling asleep at night which can end up putting you in a bad mood the next day. As the day goes on, consider switching from your usual tea or coffee to chamomille tea which has strong calming effects.

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