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Cellu-Slim Body Cream

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Cellulite, what are the causes?

As we age, our cells change resulting in loss of firmness, radiance and delay in the skin's regenerative and regenerative capacity. Our most important skin building blocks, collagen and elastin, break down causing the skin to lose its elasticity, complexion and smooth texture.

Then there is also cellulite ... This typical female ailment does not discriminate, almost all women regardless of age or weight have some problems with the so-called orange peel skin. This typical women's problem does not discriminate: many women regardless of age or weight suffer from the so-called orange peel skin. Not surprisingly, research shows that 90% of women have problems with cellulite once they have passed puberty.

Cellulite, or the fat accumulation that characterizes cellulite, lies in the subcutaneous fat layer, underneath the dermis. The causes of cellulite are threefold: poor blood flow to the affected area, weight gain and a slow-functioning lymphatic system that stores toxins in fat. These symptoms take place at a deeper level, under the epidermis and dermis. Cellu-Slim Body cream has been developed for the smart approach and treatment of cellulite.

This cream contains several patented active ingredients that fight the root causes of cellulite and penetrate deep into the skin for an optimal recovery of cellulite. Due to the profound effect on the place where fat deposits form, Cellu-Slim Body cream is able to promote fat breakdown. In addition, the production of collagen is stimulated and this effective cream has a firming and diuretic effect. This ensures a tighter skin, improved body contours and has an overall slimming effect.

Who uses the  Anti Cellulite Creme?

For those who suffer from cellulite, stubborn fat deposits, moisture deposits or sagging skin. Ideal to use in combination with your Body slimming device.

What is the Result of Cellu-Slim Body Cream?

The use of Cellu-Slim ensures a firm, even skin and a toned figure. Cellulite is noticeably less noticeable and is greatly reduced. Test results show the slimming effects:

- In the 1st week to -2cm
- In the 3rd week to -4cm
- In the 6th week to -8cm

The science behind this cream

Cellu-Slim Body Cream contains a wide range of powerful, safe ingredients (dermatologically [recognized] tested). All ingredients are clinically proven to be effective and of the highest Swiss quality. The proprietary combination of ingredients is not only effective in visibly reducing cellulite, but also provides effective, targeted, slimming and contouring benefits. A unique liposomal thermogenic complex has been added to accelerate the breakdown of body fat. This complex is also clinically proven to be effective in improving body contours and has fat-burning properties proven in studies.

Cellu-Slim is a complete anti-cellulite cream with slimming effect, which causes centimeters loss on legs, hips and waist. The cream is rich in Genistin, Spirulina Platensis extract and Retinol, (all) ingredients that strengthen the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, strengthen the connective tissue of the skin and thus ensure a firmer and tighter appearance.

How do you use Cellu-Slim

Massage Cellu-Slim twice a day with an upward (massaging) movement on the problem areas. This anti-cellulite cream is effective on the stomach, buttocks, hips and on the arms and legs. For effective cellulite reduction and optimal slimming effect, we recommend applying Cellu-Slim Body Cream twice a day for 30 consecutive days. To prevent the formation of cellulite and to maintain a firm skin, we recommend 1 application per day.

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